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Anita Sarkeesian receives the Swedish Penguin Award

The Swedish business network Klara K announces Anita Sarkeesian the recipient of the 2016 Penguin Award at a ceremony in Stockholm 6th December.

With the prestigious Penguin Award the female network Klara K wants to recognize acts of heroism and honor the courage it takes to become a voice of brave heart to motivate and inspire others. Last year the Penguin Award was given to Monica Lewinsky for her work against cyberbullying and online harassment.

The meaning of the Penguin metaphor is to show how sisterhood comes together in backing up a courageous woman.

To survive the extreme conditions in Antarctica the emperor penguins huddle together to conserve heat while incubating their eggs during the dark, cold Antarctic winter.

The Penguin Award is an endorsement and acknowledgement of the risk and hardship a person takes when stepping out in frontline into the cold.

To complete a day’s work without receiving death threats is a reasonable expectation. Sadly, for this year’s Penguin Award recipient, that cannot be taken for granted. Is she a war correspondent, you may ask yourself? Well, no. At least not in a war that we knew about. However, some people are obviously prepared to use acts of war to conserve and recreate norms that resist developments towards gender equality. For a woman, it is still coupled with a risk to her own life to claim her place and question powerful corporations’ way of making money on stereotypical and sexist products, despite her being a citizen of what is called the world’s largest democracy. With the Penguin Award, we want to show that there are more lovers than haters. On this side of the Atlantic as well. The path to change travels through insight and education. Voices that carry must not be muffled. That is the reason why Klara K’s Penguin Award of 2016 goes to Anita Sarkeesian.

“With the Penguin Award Klara K wants to acknowledge the important work Anita Sarkeesian is doing with Female Frequency. It’s hard to imagine the bravery it takes to keep on going when death threats and harassment have become a normal part of your work day”, says Camilla Wagner, CEO of Klara K.

Contact: Camilla Wagner
Phone: +46 70-090 1157


Anita Sarkeesian. Photo credit: Ivan da Silva.
Anita Sarkeesian. Photo credit: Ivan da Silva.
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